3D designer Jim Robb - Innovationist

Jim Robb - Innovationist


Jim Robb is a 3D Design Specialist helping architects, interior designers, product designers and artists see their designs come to life. Specializing in innovative solutions to solve complex problems, Jim combines 20 years of creative experiences to bring positive change to organizations. A life-long-learner, Jim thrives on complex puzzles.


He deconstructs to understand; questions every feature and wildly proposes outlandish solutions. He specializes in 3D design for art, architecture, retail and exhibit fields to bring concepts to reality.




Sample Animations are available on Jim’s YouTube channel, Jimrobb44.


Jim recently completed his Masters of Product Innovation degree at Virginia Commonwealth University's daVinci Center, bridging art, business and engineering skills for positive change. He also holds a BFA from VCU Arts
in Theater Design.


Teaching 3D computer design courses since 1999, Jim is currently co-teaching high school, undergraduate and corporate clients. Jim has used 3D printing technologies in his courses since 2005 where he was adjunct professor at VCU Sculpture + Extended Media.


As Associate Director of Marketing for St. Catherine’s School, Jim is a passionate change agent, managing the on-line environment including the website, the student information system database and multimedia content. He creates dynamic and compelling photos and videos for St. Catherine's.

In addition Jim is a 3D content provider at design4today. Since 1992, Jim has specialized in retail, interior, architecture and museum visualization, bridging AutoCAD Architecture, REVIT, 3ds Max, VIZ and SketchUp to bring realistic solutions to complex projects. Jim has worked with Kendall Buster, Sculptor and VCU professor since 2007 providing 3D design services
to enhance design work-flow.


He has been a contributing author, illustrator and technical editor for many publications focusing on 3ds Max software instruction including the
3ds max 5 for Dummies” book and CD by John Wiley and Sons, Inc.


In the 1990's he was founding president of the Central Virginia Electric Auto Association, a chapter of the EAA national organization. Jim's group helped individuals convert cars and trucks to electric power. Jim's own 1973 VW bug conversion was featured in many Earth Day and electric car shows. The group sponsored a member's electric car in the 1996 American Tour de Sol event which traveled from New York City to Washington DC.


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